Who We Are

A.E. Hoskins & Sons is a proud Western Australian family-owned and run business that has been committed to the delivery of high quality building services since 1911.

Well into its third generation, A.E. Hoskins & Sons have built a strong relationship of trust with the businesses of Perth as a quality provider of building services. Our long history ensures we have the necessary experience and expertise to deliver consistent and reliable work across our range of professional services.

The First Generation

Arthur Hoskins

Arthur Hoskins

Arthur Edward Hoskins made the long journey to the sunny landscapes of Western Australia from homeland England in 1911. Upon arrival, Arthur founded the firm and became the first generation of builders under the A.E Hoskins name.  Arthur held builders registration number six (6) in WA.

At this time, Arthur commenced business building weatherboard & iron roof houses around the Leederville area.

In these days where horse drawn carts were commonplace for even building material deliveries, Arthur managed to accrue enough funds to purchase a Model-T Ford truck which he kept until shortly before World War II.

As time went by and Perth began to expand north, Arthur purchased blocks of land in the Mt Hawthorn and North Perth districts. Utilising his honed skills of home building, he proceeded to construct brick and tile houses on his properties which he was then able to sell and purchase new land to continue the cycle. The 1920-30s known throughout WA as the depression period posed serious problems for many but by virtue of his insistence on quality construction, Arthur continued to buy, build and sell, and survived this difficult time.

During the war the firm became involved in Defence construction both in Perth & Fremantle as well as country regions such as Merriden. Due to the great shortage of housing after the war, the company built numerous small housing groups and individual homes for both the state housing commission & defence service homes.

First Generation House

First Generation House

First Generation House

The Second Generation

Arthur died in 1954 leaving a legacy to his three surviving sons Bill, Tom & John, to continue the home building business. Around this time of change, the firm switched focus to commercial style buildings including renovations and refurbishments to several Perth CBD buildings as well as suburban regional centres.

Bill & Tom retired in 1993 followed by John in 1997 bringing a close to the second generation.

Bill Hoskins

Tom Hoskins

John Hoskins

The Third Generation

Ken Hoskins the son of John, and Michael Hoskins the son of Tom, took over from their fathers and brought the company through into the 21st century. Ken and Michael now lead the direction for the company’s growth and success, and build upon the hard work and efforts of the previous generations. The legacy of Arthur Edward Hoskins continues to flourish to this day and his company namesake remains at the centre of our identity.

Ken Hoskins

Michael Hoskins